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Albert Gomez

My name is Albert Gomez and I am the owner and the president of GTH.

I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur and due to my 25 years of experience as inspector for the Dutch government I managed to build a reliable network of suppliers and custumers whom contributed to the success of the company. We created this network in 10 years together with my team to build the trust of our suppliers and customers. We do this by showing who we are, where we stand for, and what we can do for them.

The most important aspect for me and my company is the satisfaction of our customers. We make sure that our costumer feels carefree to outsource its demands to us.

Our slogan is: being big, by staying small. By staying small, we have the time to listen carefully to the wishes of our customers, to remain transparent about the way we work, and that nothing is too demanding for us!

Vision and mission

A satisfied customer is the best salesman, and therefore the success of GTH is in the hands of the custumer. The reliance and satisfaction of our custumers goes beyond everything and therefore nothing is too demanding for us. GTH offers customized solution for special and heavy transport needs. We want to ease the customers burden by providing highly personal, flexible, and creative service throughout the whole process.


Contact Information

Boeierstraat 10K 8102 HS
Raalte The Netherlands
Phone: 0031-6-11226390 Web:

Gomez Trading Holland B.V.

Gomez Trading Holland B.V. is a company specialized in selling and purchasing heavy machinery i.e. power units, oil equipment, transport units, diesel engines, lowboys, cranes, Reachstackers, lift equipment and trailers.

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