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Liebherr – LTM 1100-4.1 HR.3282

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Número de referencia : HR.3282
Marca : Liebherr
Tipo : LTM 1100-4.1
Año de fabricación : 2003
Precio : On request
Ejes: 4
Capacidad total de carga : 100.000 kg.
Drive / Steering : 8 x 8 x 8
Pluma principal : 52.000 mm. + 7.000 mm.
Aux. auge: 19.000 mm hydraulic Jib + 2.900 mm.
Motor: Liebherr D 924 TI-EA4
Horas : 17.684 hours.
Winches : 2
Indicador de seguridad de carga : Liccon
Llantas : 16.00 x 25
Condiciones tecnicas: Good

Telma brake.

Liebherr-LTM 1100 4.1 – Gomez Trading Holland B.V.

We sell this crane, for more information click on the name of this crane.

We sell this crane, for more information click on the name of this crane.

Offered services vary from company to company these days. Service is the main issue for our dynamic company Gomez Trading Holland B.V.

We handle multiple special equipment per request for our clients by cooperating with national and international factory’s, special heavy transport companies and sea port companies. This facilitates the selection and right decisions will be made efficiently.

We are specialized in providing complete, clear and transparent quotations. This is one of our exceptional achievements. Every quotation contains all present, relevant and technical information, drawings and photographs. Available technical reports will be attached.

When our clients require an independent expert to perform technical inspections we provide assistance coordinating this process. Independent institutions which can provide these services are for instance:

1. SGS www.sgs.com
2. Bureau Veritas www.bureauveritas.nl
3. Dama B.V. www.damabv.nl

When you decide not to use these independent, in some cases expensive, institutions we can provide our customers a costless not certified report. Our reports are compiled carefully after thorough inspections. These reports contain in most cases more information, are more detailed and are often far more specific.

Machines we handle are well known brands and types as: Broshuis, Goldhofer, Faymonville, Nooteboom, Scheuerle, Kalmar, Terex PPM, Liebherr, Grove, Linde, Caterpillar, Hyster, etc. The machines fulfill the stringent maintenance and safety rules according to the Dutch and European law.

Our machines are mainly offered as ex location. On your request we will coordinate transport to the closest harbor nearby your location worldwide.

All our offered machines can be visited anytime you choose. In most cases we can position several of our machines on a single location for inspection. As mentioned earlier this facilitates the comparing, selection and decision making process.


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Boeierstraat 10K 8102 HS
Raalte The Netherlands
Teléfono: 0031-6-11226390 Web: www.gomeztrading.eu

Gomez Trading Holland B.V.

Gomez Trading Holland B.V. is a company specialized in selling and purchasing heavy machinery i.e. power units, oil equipment, transport units, diesel engines, lowboys, cranes, Reachstackers, lift equipment and trailers.

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